Equity in training: why trainers should recognize waves and currents

September 10, 2021

I am frequently asked what equity in employee training means. For example, in communication, selling or management training. To help understand what this means, let’s compare employee training to a swimming course…

De impact van gender op leren en ontwikkelen in organisaties: 4 verrassende inzichten (Dutch)

July 4, 2021

Black Lives Matter en MeToo hebben de aandacht gevestigd op systematisch racisme en seksisme. Diversiteit, inclusiviteit en gelijke kansen zijn terugkerende thema’s in de maatschappij. Ook organisaties hechten er steeds meer belang aan en investeren veel tijd en geld in de bewustwording van hun medewerkers over deze thema’s…

Gender Equity in Training - Home 2

Equity in Training, part 3: Implications for Employee Training

May 25, 2021

In a recent train-the-trainer pilot that I facilitated on gender equity in employee training, the important question was raised about the difference between equality and equity in employee training. My research suggests that the difference between equality and equity is at the core of some of the challenges with equal opportunity and employee training…

Equity in Training, part 2: Three important lessons learned from a pilot

January 29, 2021

In my previous blog I shared that a Gender Equity in Training Pilot was part of my research. The aim was to share academic insights about the impact of gender in training. But also, to discuss how to design and facilitate training that is gender equitable. The pilot had a blended format with self-study and reflection, online discussion forums, and three virtual meetings. A group of highly committed trainers from four countries participated and I would like to share some of our learnings…

Gender Equity in Training - Lectures

Equity in Training, part 1: Why treating all participants the same may not mean your training is equitable

December 7, 2020

‘Our training programs are gender neutral. We treat everybody the same!’ This is the most heard response from trainers and corporate clients during my doctoral research on gender equity in corporate training…