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ENHANCE Gender Equity in Training Courses

The aim of the ENHANCE Gender Equity in Training course is to engage, enable and empower training organizers and providers to support sex/gender equity in their training programmes.

Here is some of the feedback from previous participants:

  • “I now understand what I need to watch out for and how I can influence my training and the outcome of the training. It helped me to become a better trainer”
  • “The programme helped me really think more deeply about the concept of gender especially in terms of language used and training materials”
  • “I found out that although I believed to be rather sensitive regarding gender (actually sex), it is now clear to me that I was just scratching the surface”
  • “The fact that shook me most is that it only took 3 hours of sessions plus the homework to forget the -now completely outdated- beliefs I had regarding gender equity”
  • “The programme created new ways to address gender issues”

Please watch the introduction video for more information about the blended 1 hour/week programme. Other designs, such as a 1-day and 2-day (virtual) classroom programmes, are available upon request.

Blended 1 hour/week programme

After this training you will

  • be able to identify different perspectives on sex/gender
  • have reflected on the importance of recognizing the role of sex/gender in training
  • understand the role of sex/gender in each element of training
  • be able to identify the role and impact of gender in your training programmes
  • have discussed over 25 practical recommendations on how to make your training programme more gender equitable
  • have an action plan on how you will support the gender equity and inclusion of your training programmes

Format: Blended including self-study, online discussions, scenario’s, and 60 -minutes virtual meetings.
Duration: 8 weeks; average time requirement 1 hour/week.

The next editions of the Gender Equity in Training Programme in 2022 are as follows:


Group 1 (9.30-10.30) – Dutch
Group 3 (15.30-16.30) – English

Group 2 (9.30-10.30) – Dutch
Group 4 (15.30-16.30) – English

1st Kick- Off meeting

Tuesday March 8th

Wednesday March 9th

2nd virtual meeting

Tuesday March 22nd 

Wednesday March 23rd

3rd virtual meeting

Tuesday April 12th

Wednesday April 13th

4th virtual meeting

Tuesday April 26th

Thursday April 28th *

*Wednesday April 27 is King's Day in the Netherlands


9.30 – 10.30
The programme will be facilitated in Dutch (please note that instructions and some of the material will be in English).
15.30 – 16.30
The programme will be facilitated in English.


Maximum number of participants per group: 8

Cost:      €499 pp. (ex VAT)

More information

If you would like more information about ENHANCE Gender Equity in Training Courses, please contact us.